Maisons & Hôtels Sibuet

A family history

An "Art de Vivre" adventure

What defines each of the Maisons Sibuet? The unchanging charm of very personal and special places, at once intimate and convivial, simple and chic, timeless and terribly in tune with the times.

Whether you are visiting for the first time or returning every season. Whether it's a relaxing mountain getaway with Mont Blanc as a backdrop, a chic romantic getaway in the Luberon, a dive in the Mediterranean with the scent of the Riviera or a sunbathing experience with the colourful flavours of the Caribbean.

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Maisons & Hôtels Sibuet

A collection of timelessly charming addresses in unique locations and in a family spirit. True luxury...

Let yourself be charmed

L’Art de vivre

By Sibuet

It can be heard in the tinkling forks and glasses that chime,

It can be seen in the sunny smiles that subdue wintertime. An art of living that was dreamed up to shout and to twist So much that surpasses ticking boxes on a checklist. Less pinky raising, more family style apple pie, More familiar flavors than servers in tails and black tie.

Far from the diners who eat without taking off their white gloves, far from the chatterers who talk with pretence, with us, it is also the moment that is succulent.

Patron of this stress-free spirit of generosity, The triangular dishes do not disturb the curves of our pottery. And if books are not judged by titles nor bindings, The contents of all the covers promise delightful findings.

The alpine art of living has its own rustic appeal : When the chamois and woodchucks lead hikes that reveal, Hillsides of clematis whose fragrance creates the feel 

That the summits are sirens, their calling surreal, That the roads’ every bend lead to something complete and ideal, And that daring is rewarded by elevations of flavor in every meal.

The Savoyard fondue is bubbling in the caquelon; It waits for each diner to dive in and dip their crouton. 

To break with procedure, raise and revitalize the weary, For soirées to remake the world in fine camaraderie

We have an eye for detail and seasoned aesthetics too, It is found in the flame of a candle, its soft light and warm hue.

To those who consider luxury as both a means and an end, We embrace the palace of memory as both method and friend.

The good food opens up to memories of the family meal, the fire in the hearth revives the festivities enchanted by filial love.

The steaming hot cocoa whispers all on the scene, Children dashing about, under and between, Curious dogs raising an ear to hear what’s unseen, Life teeming throughout, change as the only routine.

Our art of living is recognizable in this old recipe, A timeless treat, our own delicious therapy

From our values to decoration, we serve only that which we hold dear, Les Fermes, our abode, becomes your own as soon as you’re here.

Our art of living celebrates the moments that we share, No longer its passengers, all become agents of time when entering our care.

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The unchanging charm of very personal and special places, both intimate and convivial, simple and chic, timeless and very much in tune with the times.


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